Revenge And Vengeance In Holly Crocker's Hamlet

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Furthermore, in the Hamlet Effect which was previously mentioned written by Holly Crocker has explained how behind each motive there should be a reasoning. The paper in a specified part explains in depth how maily there is no clear motive behind the act of revenge. This part of the section reads “ We argue that there is no clear standard … on the perceivers attributions for the act” ( Crocker 1194). The quote explains what revenge is and the behavior that goes along with it. They also talk about the psychological benefit and cost that goes along with revenge. Depending how far revenge goes the person can stray off the right path. The sane motive for people who act on revenge doesn't have a true purpose behind it.For explain, in the monster’s case he hates that fact he was brought to life so because of that he will kill everyone his creator loves. The pursuit is extreme compared to have Victor did. …show more content…

When you finally forgive about the past you learn a lesson and you know what to do for the future to come. Sometimes the best revenge is smiling and to just move on. Within both the play of Hamlet and the book Frankenstein neither took that into consideration. The characters dealt with the struggle of revenge and the revenge of others. Hamlet’s tragedy is his downfall; his on going quest to avenge his father brings him to death. Along with Victor in Frankenstein, his voyage in searching for the monster only led him to his demise

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