Revenge In The Epic Poem Beowulf

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Everyone always feels the need to “get even” at someone for a wrongdoing. Getting revenge is what all creatures do at some point in their life. Throughout the Epic Poem Beowulf, everyone has a motive and some of the creatures are out for revenge. In the Epic Poem Beowulf, the unknown author uses the Universal Theme of Revenge, to represent the motivation for the monsters.
When Grendel dies from the power of Beowulf, this does not leave Grendel’s Mother amused. Grendel’s Mother is attacking Herot and “she’d killed a glorious soldier,cut a noble life short.No Geat could have stopped her”(Beowulf 416-417). As seen in the quote, Grendel’s mother is very upset about what happened to her son. By killing a soldier and terrorizing Herot, she is getting revenge for the death of her son. Then Beowulf goes to fight Grendel’s Mother, and during the fight Grendel’s mother “drew a dagger,brown with dried blood, and prepared to avenge her only son”(Beowulf 501-503). In the quotation …show more content…

For example, in the Epic Poem Beowulf, during Beowulf’s battle with a Dragon that was getting revenge on the people of Herot, The dragon “leaped with pain,thrashed and beat at him,spouting murderous flames, spreading them everywhere”(Beowulf 675-678). The dragon was determined during the fight with Beowulf, fighting in a very vicious way. The Dragon was seeking vengeance, because a thief stole treasure from it. Also many other kingdoms had a lot of issues with monsters. During the year 999, “The Nobility spent its waking hours battling foes to preserve its prerogatives”(Chua-Eoan 47). As seen in the quote, the Nobility had to fight enemies to survive and protect their land. Enemies that would fight this kingdom would attack with a motive seeking revenge for a wrongdoing. Overall, Life in 999 and Beowulf show how beasts could come at anytime, and some would be seeking

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