Beowulf Is The Real Monster Essay

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The real monster in the story of Beowulf,is the famous and glorious Beowulf. Throughout history Beowulf is looked at as someone heroic , but was he just doing it for his own glory and not for his people. Grendel is looked at as the monster but the real monster is Beowulf. Beowulf only wanted glory, money and fame. Although everyone saw Grendel as something horrible, he never hurt anyone just to hurt them.Grendel did it for his own self defense. Beowulf was disguised as someone who only wanted good for the people ,but reality he was just a manipulative, vicious, and selfish monster. Beowulf had a really high confidence for everything he had accomplished. There was absolutely no remorse for how he killed his game. A game was how he saw every kill. Beowulf saw it as trophies and glory. “ They have seen my strength for themselves, Have watched me rise from the darkness of war, Dripping with my enemies’ blood.” ( Raffael, Burton Cantos 125 Beowulf ). Beowulf knew how other viewed him; he was not humble. It took Beowulf 12 years for him to show up the Kingdom …show more content…

In the case of Beowulf he was seen as someone who helped the town and was doing it for the people. That was not the case he was only doing it for the money and the power that it gave him. He was being praised by everyone and he knew that he was going to be rewarded. Beowulf did not take the time to get to know Grendel even when he was not harming anyone. Beowulf just started bothering him and later since Grendel was startled it made them believe he was bad. Beowulf only went by what everyone said, but in reality Beowulf is the monster for not even having the conscious to try to keep Grendel from being killed. Beowulf was the monster not like everyone Believe that Grendel was. Beowulf has qualities that a monster has such as , has no mercy, ruthless and only wants money and fame. The real monster is Beowulf not Grendel like everyone

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