Revenge Of Revenge In Frankenstein

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Though, the creature is often referred to as the monster, he cannot be viewed as one-dimensional. He is responsible for the murders of William, the younger brother, Henry Clerval, Victor’s friend, and Elizabeth Lavenza, as well as being responsible for the hanging of Justine, the maid of the Frankenstein’s. Although the creature took revenge because of his anger and bitterness, it can be said that he was not born with those character traits. He became such a being due to Victor’s rejection. He experiences hate from the very beginning as Victor is horrified by his creation. The creature flees, trying to comprehend his own self, learning about other human beings and his own feelings. In a village, he encounters people beating him und thus undergoes …show more content…

The second process of creation is demanding: “It was indeed a filthy process in which I was engaged. […] But now I went to it in cold blood, and my heart often sickened at the work of my hands.” (Shelley 159). Victor worries about the female creature: “she might become ten thousand times more malignant than her mate, and delight, for its own sake, in murder and wretchedness. […] They might even hate each other…” (Shelley 160). When Victor looks up from his work and sees the monster, who travelled after him, he tears “to pieces the thing on which [he] was engaged” and “the wretch saw [him] destroy the creature on whose future existence he depended for happiness, and, with a howl of devilish despair and revenge, withdrew.” (Shelley …show more content…

Victor occupies the role of God in creating life. In contrast, the creature shows weaknesses though he is referred to as a ‘monster’ committing murder. The reader has the impression that for both it is important to have someone beside them. For Victor, it is his family, while the creature has no family and can only relate to his creator. Furthermore, both can be seen as wrongdoers as both cross socially established boundaries. While the monster crosses the border between life and death as well as humanity and bestiality, Victor resists moral guidelines of the society by creating the monster through

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