Reverse Racism

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For my political music assignment I chose to do the song Consumerism by Lauryn Hill. This song goes through all the problems we face as a country today and how the cause of it is our selfishness and egotism. There is a lot of metaphors and symbolism useD in the song to further demonstrate the message. The song was released in 2013 by Lauryn Hill. It was put out right after she was released from prison after facing 3 months for tax evasion charges. Hill claims that those charges were based off reverse racism and historical racism. Reverse racism is discrimination and prejudice from minority groups towards the oppressing group. Hill is trying to say that those charges brought upon her were because systemic racism. In a statement she said …show more content…

Since the song focuses on so many topics it is very difficult to analyze the entire song as a whole. This is why I chose to analyze lyrics individually. The first line in the song ,”Capitalism running through them like the rumour business” Capitalism is when trade and the economy is privately owned. There are many pros and cons to Capitalism but most the time the cons outweigh the pros. One of the biggest disadvantages is that since everything is done privately a large number of citizens are forgotten while rich private businesses and companies continue to make more and more money. In the second verse Hill says “Phony nationalism”. This is speaking on how America is seen as such a great country even though America has been the cause of genocides, discrimination, slavery, and racism. We can 't just forget the injustices past citizens and ancestors have faced just because the world we are living in today is safer than it was then. This teaches us that we have to respect the past and current experiences of all citizens. This has a relation to the racism African Americans and generational trauma have faced. Another lyric “Journalism gone gestapoism paparazzo-ism” points out the bias in the media. A lot of the time when news is reported we only hear the part that the media wants us to hear. It’s usually to favour one side above the other and you are never truly getting the full story. This could also be

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