Review Of Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in the wild, and become a whole new person, or what it is like to live in the wild to find yourself? Well if you have then I recommend that you read the book titled ¨Into the wild¨ written by Jon Krakauer. In this book there is a man named Chris McCandless who left society and went into the wilderness of Alaska and cut off all contact with the outside world. He wanted to find himself, and become a better person. Some may believe that Chris went into the wild to escape a toxic relationship with his parents, but the real reason he left everything was he wanted to find himself, and he felt as if he could function without everyday things.
Chris who now goes by Alex, told Gallien that ¨If you do not …show more content…

To me Chris did not want to make it out of the wild, because he did not take anything with him, he did not want any help, and after a while he stopped writing to people. Krakauer said in chapter four on page twenty-nine, that ¨One Hundred twenty-three dollars in legal tender was promptly reduced to ash and smoke,¨ when I read that I felt as if McCandless was ungrateful for the money that he had. He could of used that money for food, water, clothes, shelter, or even to find his way back home. Jack London author of ¨To build a fire¨ said McCandless is finally just a pale 20th-century burlesque of london’s protagonist, who …show more content…

“According to a source close to the Waterman family, “essentially abandoned his sons following the divorce,” (Krakauer pg 76). I feel like maybe Chris felt the same way as John did because both of their parents got divorced at some point in time. Jon Krakauer said that “It would be easy to stereotype Christopher McCandless as another boy who felt too much, a loopy young man who read too many books and lacked even a modicum of common sense.” I agree with that statement that Krakauer said because in America everything that somebody says or does is made into some type of stereotype no matter what it may be. The last time that Chris contacted his family was around June or July, and he was still in Atlanta. He mailed his mom and dad a copy of his final grade report. He said in the last sentence in his letter home “Not much else happening, but it is starting to get real hot and humid down here. Say Hi to everyone for me,” (Krakauer pg 21-22). If I were Chris I would of told my family that I loved them, and would hope to see them all very soon. If I were his family I would of truly been hurt if that was all that was said to me. I personally

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