Review Of The Poem 'Concrete Mixers' By Patricia Hubbells

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To start off with, the first poem “Concrete Mixers” by Patricia Hubbell, has lots of variety of figurative languages that the author uses to get its point across. According to the poem, “Concrete mixers are urban elephants.” The author creatively shows the use of the metaphor by making us imagine concrete mixers as elephants. Just by reading that line you can create a visual picture of the metaphor. Furthermore, the author uses a simile throughout the text. On stanza two states, “Their drivers perch on their backs like mahouts.” The strong simile really describes the drivers perch on their backs like mahouts. It really puts our thinking and our mind to analyzing it and imagining it in real life. Lastly, the author uses personification to define the sentence. “Concrete Mixers” states, “Their trunks are raising a city.” The descriptive personification really uses imagery to get our minds thinking. As well as that, it really demonstrates imagery of the elephant’s trunks raising …show more content…

For instance, “Stairways walk by themselves.” In this poem, the personification really relates to the stairways actually walking by themselves. As the author uses the personification, we can really envisage the strong point the author wants to emphasize. Another example of a personification is, “I have seen machines eating houses.” This powerful personification that the author uses has perfect qualities to manipulate our brain into believing it is true. As well as the other personifications, we can really create a picture in our brain about seeing machines eating our houses. The last example that the author uses as a personification is, “Its bridges quake with fear.” Like any other personification, the author demonstrated human qualities to making us actually hearing the quake of the bridges. Creativity was shown in this use of

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