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I chose to write my autobiography through traditional prose because I think it is the most suitable medium for writing my memories in a creative way. At first, I had planned to write my different memories using the ‘Memory Box’, but when we read ‘Roald Dahl Stories’ I had felt like this is the medium that I liked most. It was very inspiring because it had a lot of creative language use. The traditional prose was a bit easy to write as it gave me a lot of opportunities like, writing creatively, show vs tell use which the memory box didn 't have, and also speech use.

I hoped to let the reader understand my memories using a creative way, and how each one of them has impacted my life in some way. Yes, I have achieved in letting the reader understand my memories in a creative way, this is by using show vs tell and some adjectives, but I still think that I could have done better in achieving these things. I was recommended to use more adjectives and ‘show vs tell’ by my english teacher. The recommendations helped me a lot because I was able to edit my work and read through it, and understand my
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An example of a metaphor from my text is when I used “She was like a sunshine brightening my day” in the first paragraph and this speech was describing how kind and lovely my EC1 teacher was. An example of a simile in my text was when I used ‘I screamed as loud as a lion’ in the third paragraph, this was describing how much pain I was in. I’ve also used a lot of imagery, some examples of imagery are “I woke up by smelling the delicious eggs, and hearing sounds of chickens “squawk, squawk” . I went to the maroon car” in this text I used the sense of smell when I was talking about the delicious eggs. I also used the sense of sound when I was talking about chickens, I also used onomatopoeia when I said “squawk, squawk”. As you can see I have used figurative language in my text, but I can use more next
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