Revolutionary War Essay

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During the revolution women were responsible for managing the household. Such as making clothes, cleaning the house and taking care of the kids. The women of the era were considered to have no moral ranking. The men were asked to fight wars, there were a lot of different women such as Abigail Adams, Molly Pitcher and Martha Washington and many more. There were also those who would hide their gender in order to fight. There were also some women who would go out and go to the enemy’s side to overhear their plans.

Martha Washington visited the camp frequently and stayed and encouraged them throughout the days and nights. Martha was staying with her son Jacky and his wife Eleanor “Nellie.” Because George told them to stay with her, but she left …show more content…

There is a woman whose was in Setauket Spy Ring whose name was never mentioned so she was called “Agent 355”. Anna Smith Strong was a part of the SSR (Setauket Spy Ring) when hanging out the laundry she would hang out certain particles of clothing that would signal that Brewster was nearby and handkerchiefs were hung to show the meeting place. There was also a woman by the name of Lydia Darragh there were British forces staying in the upstairs room for conferences she would get in a closet getting notes and overhearing their plan. She would send her notes on the buttons of her fourteen- year old son John, who would visit his older brother, Lieutenant Charles Darragh. Ann Bates served as a peddler selling thread, needles, knives, and utensils to the American camp followers. She went to the camps and counted the number of weapons. (Women spies of the revolution Maggie MacLean). Bates also gained access to Washington’s camp.

Women’s roles in history have so much influence they can encourage people like Abigail Adams and Martha Washington. There are also the women who would sacrifice everything in order to gain freedom from the British Empire even if it meant to be killed or imprisoned, such as Deborah Samson and Anne Bailey. Some women were the ones who would help the soldiers by going to the other side to hear their plans Lydia Darragh and Ann Bates. The women are as equally important as men they can fight and spy on others and overhear

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