Rhetorical Analysis Of 'Digital Natives Invade The Workspace'

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The digital age has skyrocketed in the last couple of years, some were born into it and most witnessed it. These people had to adapt and use it to their advantage in the evolving workforce. After time went on, they integrated their methods into their systems and kept old habits. Years later, the kids born into this age started to join in and bring their new habits that were unfamiliar to the current workforce. The article written by Lee Rainie on his Pew-Research webpage in 2006, "Digital Natives Invade the Workspace" analyzes the changes they brought it. The purpose of this article was to show employers the effect of technology on new generation workers. To make this analysis effective, he wrote with effective substance and organization to drive the main point to his audience. …show more content…

Rainie filled his article with facts, studies, and statistics. These are examples of logos in writing. It gives the author the opportunity to get their main point across without using their personal opinion. A 21-year-old in the work force today has "5,000 hours of video game playing" (Rainie 226). This fact brings up one of the main points of the article; the new workforce is different. Having quotes that relate to the purpose of the article is quite effective. Having certain facts that pertain to the audience can keep the reading the

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