Rhetorical Analysis Of Donald Trump's Attacks

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By now, anyone who has paid attention to this presidential election cycle understands how Donald Trump behaves. When attacked or criticized, the GOP Presidential Nominee “counterpunches” with his own attacks and criticism which almost always come out harsher and unconventional. In the media, his responding rhetoric is largely portrayed and spun as the latest “new low” for his candidacy. To his adversaries, Trump’s response further proves their point he 's “temperamentally unfit” to be the President of the United States. For his supporters and the multitude of neutral independents, it matters less what Trump says when countering attacks. They’re just concerned with the policies he’s proposing and his vision for America. If this is the unabating trend of confrontation with Donald …show more content…

Khan has given Mr. Trump exactly what he needs, another “personal attack” story that will dominate the news cycle. When Mr. Khan and his wife took the stage last week during the Democratic Convention, the words of his speech and image of grieving parents who made the ultimate sacrifice froze the crowd. The moment produced raw emotion mixed with a personal politicized attack on Donald Trump. Mr. Khan attacked Trump on his proposed “Muslim ban” and questioned Trump’s respect for minorities. Based on Trump’s immigration stance, Khan asked if he’d ever read the constitution and “gladly” offered him[Trump] a personal copy of it. In showcasing a contrast between the GOP Nominee and their family, Mr. Khan said Trump doesn’t know sacrifice. In response, Trump didn’t hold back in the slightest way. While acknowledging the heroic loss of their son, he tore into the Khans. He rebutted the words of Mr. Khan saying, “I’ve made lots of sacrifices” in reference to his “hard work” and business. He went on to question why Mr. Khan’s wife just stood by her husband speechless. Mrs. Khan has replied via blog post saying, “Because without saying a thing, all the world, all America, felt my

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