Rhetorical Analysis Of Glenn E Martin's One In Three

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Glenn E Martin uses multiple rhetorical devices in his article “One in Three” to put forth his argument that the politicians and the government as a whole, use race as a factor in considering how and where a person should live his life. He uses strong, confident language, details, and colloquial, technical diction to convince his readers in believing his argument or at the least understand his point of view. The author uses short, simple words in the article to reach all readers. For example, he says, “ They did a crime and shouldn't get anything for free.” In this quote, Martin doesn't use any of high degree complexity words. Instead, he gives the reader a chance to easily see his point. Another place he does this is when he says, “Any system that allows us to turn a blind eye to hopelessness and despair that's not a justice system.” As a result of the simple language he uses, readers are …show more content…

For example, when he says, “The U.S. prison population has more than quadrupled since 1980 and this nation incarcerated more of its citizens per capita than any developed in modern history-at a cost of $85 billion per year,” Martin does two tasks at the same time. First of all, he uses numerous facts and researched evidence as details increasing the level of the reader's’ belief in Martins argument. He also, having so much facts, backs up his argument by saying that the population of the people imprisoned is continually increasing. Martin backs up his argument with proven evidence and gives the reader a clear image of what is being discussed. Martin also uses metaphors as details in his article. He writes, “The concept of time served is a mirage, because the shackles of collateral consequences make a criminal conviction a “scarlet letter”. The use of metaphor serves as details providing more access for the readers to understand the author’s

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