Rhetorical Analysis Of Smoking

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Sean Mukherji
Professor Cameron Young
English 103
September 29, 2015
Rhetorical Analysis
Smoking has caused the largest epidemic in diseases such as, lung , mouth, liver, and heart cancers and can abnormally deteriorate precious bodily functions. Cigarettes and tobacco related products have addictive chemicals ,” for instance Nicotine, which make it unquestionably difficult creating a roadblock to depart from ones addiction and dependence. Through deductive reasoning we can conclude that if smoking causes numerous cancerous diseases, people who smoke have will have cancer. Through antismoking advertisements we can also examine how alluring many surface parameters can be for example, facial expressions, focal point, items, and juxtaposition.
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The picture also contains a gun or pistol which is pointed directly at the young adults head. It is not an actual gun that is present but it is smoke, the smoke from the cigarette creates a shape of the gun. Although the man is not going anything else but smoking, the picture creates an effect that portrays smoking negatively. The picture show that smoking is causing one selfs hard and death. Through Facial expression he doesn't seem happy and possible sad In order to give the viewer a feeling of sadness. The picture is sad and so is the young individuals facial expressions. The focal point is the young mans face because the first thing i see when looking at this photo is his face. Prior to examining the photo we could conclude that the cigarette or the gun could be the focal point because the advertisement is intended for people to stop smoking so it would make more sense for the cigarette to be the first thing seen. Although as the face as the focal point we see the bigger picture in which what is trying to be persuaded by the advertisement. The item which is the cigarette is most important because it is what the entire advertisement is all about. The smoke is also a part of the item which gives it more importance since the smoke forms a gun from the item that is being portrayed. Since the item is being portrayed negatively as a formation of a gun pointing to the individuals head it gives a connotation to the viewer as bad or not good. Lastly juxtaposition can be concluded because the idea of youth, energy, and manhood of the young man compared to death, destruction, and sickness compared to the gun and cigarette enables the viewers to see the differences between the
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