Rhetorical Analysis Of The World's Hot Spot '

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Our Earth being both a place of sustenance and shelter is the only place that humans can survive as of right now. Although the discovery of survival might be possible in other planets in the future, the planet of our home is decomposing and transforming into a planet that no organism can survive. The natural order of things in an ecosystem is solely dependent on whether we create a disturbance that can penetrate earth’s shields. In “The World’s Hot Spot” by Thomas L. Friedman, an opinion columnist for the New York Times, suggests that we take a look at nature before it gets extreme and save our personal issues for later. In the article, the use of tone, diction, evidence, and vivid imagery were integrated to clearly portray the current situation of what mother nature is causing as consequences of the problems we create and our least concern in finding a solution. …show more content…

He uses commanding diction in his tone to help the audience understand the current uprising of the nature’s problem and how it is in great need of our assistance. “If they don’t end their long running conflicts, Mother Nature is going to destroy them” is how the author demandingly states his tone. He shows disappointment in his language at the end of the article when he says that the only thing that can save the two Muslim parties is “environmentalism and there is no Shiite air or Sunni water except “the commons” or their shared ecosystems which if they don’t cooperate to manage and preserve them will lead to vast eco-devastation. So his tone and diction are combined to make a mocking claim of how the environment and nature come above

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