A Rhetorical Analysis Of Feminism By Emily Shire

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay “Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength” (G.D. Anderson). Emily Shire attempts to convince the audience that feminism is a misunderstood topic by using a concerned and determined tone, by appealing to the reader’s sense of logos, and by using rhetorical explanation. In the editorial she talked about topics like women making up their own definition of feminism, people “hating feminism” because of the definitions given, and about how some women belittle men because of misunderstanding feminism. In the editorial Emily Shire uses rhetorical explanation to support her sarcastic tone in order to show the reader that feminism …show more content…

Emily Shire states “An April 2013 poll found just 16 percent of men and 23 percent of women in America identify as feminists. The women behind Women against Feminism aren’t exactly a minority. However, that same poll found 82 percent of all Americans agree with the statement “men and women should be social, political, and economic equals.” (Shire 10). People think that the group is small when the group is bigger than anyone expected. People say they think men and women should be equal but they all show it differently. Emily Shire also states, “But Women against Feminism is certainly getting plenty of attention. The Tumblr started in the summer of 2013. The Facebook group, which was created in January 2014, has 12,000 likes, suggesting it appeal to a not insignificant group of people” (Shire 2). At first the page for anti-feminism did not get a lot of attention then all the sudden out of nowhere it shot up out of nowhere and became this extremely popular page. Women from all around the world were posting pictures about why they “hated” feminism and all of their reasons were proven wrong with the author using logos or sometimes even

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