Ricard's Essay: Happiness Is A Guide To Happiness

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• Topic sentence: Happiness is a guide to developing life’s most important skill and a key to a meaning life. However how to find the real key to happiness is a difficult problem. • Support sentence: In his study on this subject, Ricard has shown a question that is happiness the purpose of life? And he wrote every day of our lives, we find a thousand different ways to live intensely, forge bonds of friendship and love, enrich ourselves, protect those we love, and who would harm us at arm’s length (p.26). • Example: In modern-day life have more problems like you though. Therefore, happiness is more difficult to obtain. However, it is a traditional our thinking, because a real story that happiness is a feeling exist in ourselves, it is something you always owned. Therefore, you always have a choice that you want to happiness or not. Most of us spend countless time in stress, anxiety and sorrow and even anger. Even if you attempt any way, you 're still unsure achieve your desired results. So the best way to be happy is very simple that is created happiness in ourselves, and you created happy by respect everything you are having as well as accept and love yourself. This is a key to happiness. In addition, the things which are very simple in your life like: everyday when you have enough three meals, or …show more content…

• Support: The factors effect happiness. In his study on this subject, Lyubomirsky has shown that “ almost no empirical researchers existed on this subject. Not only were researchers generally unaware of what strategies people use to become happier, but it became apparent to us that most psychologists were pessimistic about the very notion of permanently increasing happiness”( para.3). Therefore when you have achieved happiness, you will no longer be able to hold it. Because nothing is forever. One of the strengths of humans is the ability to adapt quickly. On the other hand ,when you have adopted, you will feel boring soon and you will want to obtain something

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