Rick Bass The Coyote Quotes

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"We were understanding and communicating, as surely and clearly as two old friends..."
"The coyote was laughing at me for being so many different things at once, and I was laughing at him for being so different and brave to come sit next to me, a man; a man with a rifle."
"I am certain that if I had not begun speaking in my own language something even stranger would have happened."
Bass encounters a coyote atop Z-Mountain, one whom he communicates with through various cries of sadness. It is in their communication where they each seem to drift, from their own world, and into each other's, trying to better understand. It is in this magical moment between the two where Bass gains the trust of the coyote. With one uneducated decision, Bass, …show more content…

Bass takes away with him the lesson learned; the need to sway humankind from overtaking the Yaak. The humans are ruining the flow of the Yaak, all for unworthy reasons in the grand scheme of it all. The absence of the coyote's energy is symbolic to the fading of the Yaak. Bass indicates the man wanting to educate Bass, to educate him in which way, is what I question - presumably, as another human adding to the destruction of the Yaak, unknowingly of course. It is in his observation that becomes most important, to observe the dynamics of what just transpired. In doing so, by understanding the need to protect the Yaak, is absorbing the spirit of the deceased coyote, keeping him part of the wilderness. If Bass were to judge, he would be distracted, and therefore, not learn the lesson to be …show more content…

It has become by way of nature to respect their privacy, in hopes of them respecting his; and that of his dogs. However, when his dogs cross the line of entering the coyotes’ domain, he feels apologetic. He understands this land belongs to them, the animals, and he feels fortunate enough to share in it with them. As Bass apologizes for his dogs, the coyotes seem to reciprocate, with a sense of respect - remain within your boundary. Bass learns he is in their territory and if he adds to the disruption, he will be an accomplice to the humankind for destroying

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