Robert Eric Wone Case Study

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Murder mystery of Robert Eric Wone in 2006
There is an unsolved murder case of Robert Eric Wone who was murdered on 2nd August 2006 in Washington D.C. His body was found in the house of his college friend. Mr. Wone was a lawyer by profession and according to the affidavits filed by the police he was believed to have been incapacitated, restrained and assaulted sexually before death. Moreover the crime scene had been tampered with. This case attained the “vagabond status” as this case was transferred to three different and separate prosecutors. Till now his murder has remain a mystery though the inmates of the house where he was murdered were arrested for tampering with the crime scene and nondisclosure of true events that led to his murder though they were acquitted. Attempted assassination of President Ronald Regan
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In the state of Washington DC, a person is considered to be guilty of first degree murder when there is specific intention to kill another person purposely after full deliberation and premeditation or commits murder during the process of committing a felony as in the case of
Former Beauty Queen arrested for murder
In 2003, Peggy Sue Thomas who is a former beauty queen was charged with first degree murder for the killing of Russel Douglas a 32 year old man. A week before the trial for the first degree murder was to begin, Thomas pleaded guilty. She had murdered Mr. Douglas who was the estranged husband of her friend Brenna Douglas because he was abusive towards Brenna and her children. She had committed the murder with the help of her friend James E. Huden who was also convicted for the

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