Role Of Conformity In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Although most people think conformity is just following after rules , it’s more like following the rules even if you disagree. Being a leader , someone who does their own thing , making their own rules or decisions , and doing what you believe in takes toll on the definition of conformity. On Animal Farm there were rules known as “The Seven Commandments” helped differentiate conformist from nonconformist , and my conformist is Clover. The point-guard of Oklahoma’s basketball team , Russel Westbrook, is my conformist . Clover knew Napoleon was wrong in situations but because she was not a leader but a follower she went along with everything Napoleon did or suggested. Clover knew that the pigs sleeping in the beds was disobeying the commandment but she kept her argument to herself only because disagreeing “verbally” will make her a conformist. “ Curiously enough, Clover had not remembered that the fourth commandment mentioned sheets ; but as it was there on the wall , it must have done so.” , this quote from Animal Farm shows that Clover did have some …show more content…

Let’s say Clover decided to not conform and speak her mind about the Commandment being changed verbally , Napoleon could have decided to kill her because of his sick power hungry mind. Another negative consequence might have been Napoleon and the other pigs making Clover feel less of herself by proving her wrong and making her seem brainless. Clover being a conformist in this situation has some positive consequences as well , a positive consequence could be that she would still have her life . Another positive consequence could be she still would have her reputation . Being a nonconformist makes everyone else see you as different and Clover conforming makes her normal because everyone followed

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