Role Of Honesty In The Odyssey

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No matter the situation, honesty is always the best option. In book seven of “The Odyssey”, Odysseus does a very good job of being honest with everyone he meets along his journey. He’s doing this because he knows that if he tells the truth, it could get him a step closer to being home with his family. This shows that honesty goes a long way. “As much as it pains me to recall it, all I have told you is true.” (Homer, 103) Arete was asking about where Odysseus got his clothes and all he knew to do was tell her the truth. Even though he didn’t want, he still did it because he knew he had to and he was trying to be polite. In fact, he was so open and honest, that Alcinous loved him. “My kind of man - would marry my daughter and stay here and be

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