Role Of Patience In The Odyssey

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Odysseus is the main character in the book The Odyssey, this book is an epic poem with Greek gods, and goddesses. Odysseus in the book has many different features in his personality, but most important he is a hero. This character shows the value of patience in many different ways. The value of patience is a way of life, it is the action of waiting without getting upset or frustrated. This action is important because Odysseus portrays it throughout the whole story. This value is used with Calypso, Polyphemus, Circe, and many more individuals.

On Odysseus’ way to get home to his family he got stuck on Calypso’s Island. In this case he had to wait and use his patience. Calypso is a goddesses who fell in love with Odysseus and who wanted him …show more content…

Polyphemus is Poseidon's son, the god of the sea. The way Odysseus used his patience in this case is when he waited two to three days to blind the Cyclops’. Odysseus was so good at this skill he watched Polyphemus eat some of his men one by one each day that passed, yet he was still patient. The longer he waited and had patience the better the plan went. This also worked with the Trojan horse at the battle of Troy.

Circe is another goddesses that made Odysseus use his patience. This goddesses turned Odysseus’ men into pigs, so Odysseus refused to eat the lotus until she turned his men back. This not only shows patience it shows bravery and great leadership. The commitment he makes shows that he has true patience and is willing to do anything for his men. Odysseus used his patient as he fought other monsters and gods too.

Odysseus in The Odyssey showed many values and had many characteristics. The value he used the most was patience. Odysseus stayed patient while he was away by not losing hope and not giving up. This is shown in many of his actions. It took Odysseus twenty years to make it home but this value allowed him to stay patient and make it home

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