Role Of Reality Tv In The Hunger Games

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In her novel The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins shows that television plays a very important role in society. In The Hunger games, television was a massive part of life for the people living in Districts and for those in the capital. As we read we realize that by showing the hunger games as reality TV , Collins represents modern society and its consumption of reality TV. By depicting how television functions differently in the Capitol and the districts, and the characters' self-consciousness about being constantly viewed, Collins holds a mirror up to modern society and its culture of reality TV." The televised Hunger games were viewed very differently between different type of people. Many citizens of the Capitol, as well as citizens in wealthier districts, viewed the Games either as a special sporting event or as a form of entertainment. They were viewed as so entertaining that they were a major source of gambling and produced intense betting, both in the Capitol as in some of the districts. We learn this in the novel when Katniss says “...there are others, too, who have no one they love at stake, or who no longer care, who slip among the crowd, taking bets on the two kids whose names will be drawn(17).’ On the other hand the poorer districts like district 11 and 12 dislike the Hunger Games and …show more content…

Collins has added all this elements about The televised Hunger Games without the reader noticing right away just how important reality TV is in this novel. What i have enjoyed most about this novel is just how important every detail in it is and the way the novel basically represents our

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