Role Of Stock Market In India

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Industry Profile:
Industry profile includes various markets and playing a major role in stock market. It provides employment opportunity to the people through the stock market, and helps to increasing standard of living an individual, finally helps to increases national income. Now days stock market playing a crucial role in in India and also outside of the country. Financial market, capital market, over the counter market, derivative market, money market, foreign exchange market, commodities market etc., these all market their own role in stock market.
Financial Market:

Financial market is one of the market under stock market, it helps to describing any marketplace where buyers and sellers are together to exchange of assets, equities, bonds,
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So through these regional exchanges we can deal or transact to buy or sell securities. Such stock exchanges are helps in each regions to invest in stock market for investors.

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
BSE is one of the oldest and recognized stock market in India and also located in Asia. In olden days it was calling as “The Native Share & Stock Brokers Association”. It was established in the year of 1875 and it was the first and foremost stock exchange in India and it was recognized by the government of India. In the earlier year 1956, BSE gained from the government of India under the Securities Contract Act
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Index means it measures stocks so BSE measures by SENSEX. This exchanges spreads across 417 cities and towns in India. The framework of which has been intended to secure or protect market reliability and to deal with transparency. With the help of under surveillance and clearing settlement purpose of the exchanges are certified by the ISO 9001:2000. There are 30 stocks are listed with Bombay Stock Exchanges

National Stock Exchange (NSE)
NSE or national stock exchange is one of the popular stock exchange and it was established in the year of 1992, in Mumbai. This is first stock which provided highly automated or advanced technology that is electronic trading system. It was incorporated in the year of 1992 as per tax paying company act 1992.

The NSE was started its work through the wholesale debt market segment in June 1994. The capital market sector started its operation in November in 1994 and derivative segment commenced in June 2000.

Nifty is an index of NSE, it measures stock, there are 50 stocks are listed with national stock exchanges popularly we can call it as Nifty-50. Its capitalization was 1.65 trillion in U.S dollar. And also one of the 12th largest stock exchange thought the

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