Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Analysis

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Cassie is the main character in Mildred D. Taylor’s story “Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry”. She is a smart, curious 9 year old. As time goes on, Cassie and her family learn many lessons throughout the book. We can see her grow and get a better understanding of how blacks were treated during the 1930’s. Cassie has many racist moments that occur to her, angering her and her family. It is hard for her to realize that her family is more fortunate than many other black family’s. As time goes on, Cassie gets a better understand of segregation. Eventually, Cassie realizes that having a place of one 's own results in a feeling of security and pride. In order to keep the land, Papa has to work continuously to get enough money to keep the land. He knows without it, his family would feel more vulnerable and scared. ‘For it he would work the long, hot summer pounding steel.’ (7). Papa knows that the land is what’s keeping his family going. Papa says to Cassie, “Look out there, Cassie girl. All that belongs to you. You ain’t never had to live on nobody’s place but your own . . .” (7). Papa is explaining to her why he is so worried about the land being taken away and why he works so hard. It is hard for him to be away from his family for so long, but he knows if he doesn’t, they would probably not be able to keep the land. Papa would love to be with his family, but knows he cannot. Cassie would rather Papa be home more often, but understands how important the land is to their family. Mr.
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