Romantic Elements In The Minister's Black Veil

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American Romanticism has been around for many years now. Many authors expand their ideas to make the story more interesting. It is a form to express themselves as writers. American Romanticism contains many characteristics such as intuition, imagination, and exaggeration. The Minister’s Black Veil demonstrates all these characteristics in the story. This story has a profusion of symbols and hidden meanings that have to do with the reason why the black veil is so important. The author is competent to take a certain idea or object and expand the story or idea to make it have a greater meaning to get the reader thinking of the real reason behind it. American Romanticism is a form of creativity, imagination, intuition, exaggeration and expression. There is significant meaning behind each story that these Romantic authors write about that's why it is so interesting to read these stories. Throughout the story, we see plenty of different American Romanticism characteristics being used. The author does not fail to demonstrate, in his writing imagination, intuition, and exaggeration. The author gives an example of what they saw, "The maiden who had been buried a few hours before came from her grave to be married" …show more content…

Throughout the story, we saw how seriously he took the black veil and the meaning as to why he wore it. We see why it was a big deal to wear the sins and we get to see what the people thought of it. As for the people, during the time that they were talking about Mr. Hooper and the veil they too were committing a sin by judging him for wearing the veil. They judged him without knowing the reason as to why Mr. Hooper wore the black veil. There were many hidden reasons and symbols to why he wore the veil and it causes a lot of controversy among the people. Thus, this has been a parable that has had a lot of exaggeration, imagination and meaning it is, in fact, an American

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