Banishment In Romeo And Juliet

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In the past century there have been many movies, novels, and plays that both have plot twists and mood swings but you don’t find too much in the 1500s. Between the dates 1516 and 1616, a playwright by the name of William Shakespeare rose up to be the best writer in the English language. He was the Mark Twain of his century. He wrote many plays but one of which that was the most popular of his time was Romeo and Juliet. This is one of the most tragic love stories written in the 1590s that shows both passion and hate. Two families, the Capulets and the Montagues, are both rivals, however one person from each side falls in love with one another and soon end up together but not in the way anyone would imagine. Romeo and Juliet’s connection towards …show more content…

Ever since Romeo and Juliet met the night at her father 's feast, they have been alive like a couple of teenagers usually are, however, when their mood changes in the middle to more of a solemn state they see what could 've happened differently. The result from their playfulness was their wedding and the result of their seriousness was the death of Tybalt which then led to Romeo’s banishment. When this banishment happened Juliet became more serious. Juliet became desperate and soon became serious. As she asks Friar Laurence for help to be with Romeo, he gives her a potion that acts like she is dead but really isn’t. Although someone would think that she would take the potion in a second to be with her loved one, she doesn’t and thinks of different possibilities. Once Juliet is alone in her room she asks many different questions, “What if it is a poison, which the friar Subtly hath ministered to have me dead” (IV.iii.25) is one where she makes assumptions. This shows that she is not being naive and is thinking about the potion before it actually happens. Although her serious mood makes her think a little more it doesn’t help and she takes it. Due to this plan both Romeo and Juliet soon end up dead. Their childish acts lead to marriage, it then leads to fights, soon to potions then finally death.
Two teenagers commended by one-another through the love that they seek has turned both of their personalities downhill resulting in their deaths. Their love blinded them of the importance of family and their own personal self. If Romeo and Juliet not have met and become madly in love with each other they both could have seen another day. Moreover, they would still stay the obedient and loyal to their parents not become the childish teenagers that they were portrayed

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