Romeo And Juliet Dialectical Journal Essay

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Juliet travels to the Guernsey Island to collect stories of people’s lives during World War 2. What she learns restores her faith in humanity. “Sophie- what is the matter with me? Am I too particular? I don’t want to be married just to be married. I can’t think of anything lonelier than spending the rest of my life with someone I can’t talk to, or worse, someone I can’t be silent with.” -Shaffer (pg. 13)
In this passage, Juliet is explaining to her friend sophie that she wants her marriage to mean something. She wants to be with someone that she loves and they love her back. She would feel lonely if she was with someone that she couldn’t talk to because they don’t have any similar interests. But, she also doesn’t want to be with someone she …show more content…

67) In this quote, a woman named Isola Pribby is telling Juliet about these two little girls in a book she read that really made an impact on her life. This quote is very significant to the book because Juliet is trying to gather information to write her own book. Hearing Isola say this inspires her to make her writing more meaningful so it impacts people like the book about the little girls impacted Isola. This quotes also shows a lot about Isolas character, it is shown that she enjoys likes to read and that it helped her get through a rough time in her life.
This quote means that you can read a bad book thinking it’s good because you haven’t read any better and you don’t know what to expect. But, if you read a good book, it raises your expectations and that bad book that you read is no longer considered good. I think Isola is also using this to represent other things. Like how if you’ve never been with a good man that treats you right, then you don't have good expectations, but once you are in a good relationship, you can’t go back to a bad one, and because Juliet is looking for a good relationship, this helps …show more content…

There were so many horrible things going on in his (and everyone else's) lives. His eight year old grandson Eli was sent away on a ship because life there was too dangerous, but Eben didn’t go with Eli because his daughter Jane (Eli’s mother) was too far along in her pregnancy to be allowed on the ship. A little while later, Jane gave birth but unfortunately her and the baby both died. So while all of this was happening, Eben and his friends had to get their minds off of it to show themselves there was another part of

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