To What Extent Should Romeo And Juliet Be Taught In High School

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The most known play written by William Shakespeare is called Romeo and Juliet. This play demonstrates how love and hate can cloud your judgement when making decisions. For various of people around the world, they believe that the tragic and heartbreaking romance shouldn’t be taught in school. Despite the negative and crucial result coming out of it, there is an important lesson to be taught in high school. I believe that it should be taught throughout freshman year and be reevaluated throughout high school. In every section, a character should be analyzed. In this essay, I will discuss the important lesson of Romeo and Juliet and how it’ll benefit students. Romeo and Juliet should be taught in the ninth grade because there are a variety of consequences following the characters poorly made decisions. The main topic of going over these …show more content…

As a 14 year old myself, I am aware that I know a lot, but also aware that I still have much to learn. By analyzing what the right and wrongs are of this play, it’ll benefit us when making decisions in our everyday life. I also believe that the story plot should be reevaluated throughout high school because there are more to be taught about other than keeping yourself in place. More specifically, I think it should be revisited in our junior/senior year to prepare us for the real world. By being prepared before leaving high school, students will have the ability to be more wise and mature before taking action in a situation. In conclusion, Romeo and Juliet is a useful tool when demonstrating lessons on situations young adults need to consider being careful about. Therefore, it should be taught to students in their freshman year to inform them on what could happen when you’re careless. Furthermore, the play should be reevaluated in our junior/senior year to go over and strengthen their skills and

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