Romeo And Juliet Should Not Be Allowed In School Essay

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The play Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare has been taught in school for many years now. Some say that we should continue to allow our teens to read this tragic love story, while many argue that this play should no longer be allowed in schools. The issues concerning this tragic love story are the inappropriate jokes, the unrealistic view of love, and the promotion of suicide. These issues will indeed prove why Romeo and Juliet is ill suited to be taught to freshmen. Ninth graders should no longer read Romeo and Juliet because it is has very inappropriate jokes that should not be associated with school.In the beginning on the play two of Lord Capulet’s servants Gregory and Sampson are in the streets of Verona. The two see the rival …show more content…

However it this play actually masks the real problem of teen suicide. By killing Tybalt Romeo had been banished leaving him to have no choice but to go to Friar Lawrence in seek of help. The only option Romeo would have is to flee Verona leaving his love Juliet behind .“Calling death “banishèd,” Thou cut’st my head off with a golden ax And smilest upon the stroke that murders me.” (Shakespeare 3.3.21-23). Romeo would rather kill himself than be without his love Juliet. This can promote teen suicide because it is demonstrating that if you can’t have something or someone the next possible solution is to kill yourself. The promotion of suicide amongst teens can be negative to those who have suicidal thought but do not speak out. This can also be seen as negative because those who are exposed to suicide can be more likely to have suicidal thoughts.This can also have a negative impact on teens because by being exposed to this behavior they presume that’s how they should act in a similar situation.This also promotes suicide by displaying that if you can not be with someone you love it's better to die. This may promote the views on suicide because Romeo and Juliet say it's better to end their lives than not be with each other. Which can led to teens thinking the same way as they do

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