Romeo And Juliet Impulsive Quotes

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In the world of William Shakespeare and his romantic play, Romeo and Juliet, thoughtless decisions aren't taken lightly and often lead to tragic and deadly endings. That is the case for Romeo Montague, he is the son of the wealthy Montague family and when he falls in love with the daughter of his family's enemy there will be disastrous ends and unforgiving consequences. Romeo Montague is a brash, impetuous and impulsive character who throughout the play Romeo and Juliet, demonstrates that being driven solely by emotions leads to carnage and ruination. Romeo is a young and playful character who embodies youth and naiveté. He is not yet learned in wisdom and forming accurate decisions and shows his impetuosity many times throughout the play. …show more content…

As soon as Romeo hears of Juliet's death he races back to Verona immediately. This shows how impulsive Romeo is because doesn't even check another source like Friar Laurence. Romeo runs to Juliet's side without hearing any other information or specifics on Juliet's death, only relying on Balthasar. Another example of Romeo's impulsiveness is buying the poison from the apothecary. Romeo only sees himself dying. He doesn't think of his family or friends who will miss him and he doesn't see another course of action. The only decision that he sees in his mind is to die, yet again demonstrating how impulsive he is. “Come, cordial and not poison, go with me to Juliet's grave, for there must I use thee.” (5.2.85-86) Lastly, the greatest and most evident example of Romeo's impetuosity is how he kills himself by Juliet's side. Romeo being young and driven by emotions can’t see any other life without Juliet and decides in that moment that death is something he would welcome if he could be with Juliet again. In that final act of the play, Romeo commits his most impulsive and most remembered act of being driven by emotions, therefore, ending the tragic drama of Romeo and his

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