Romeo And Juliet Being In Love Analysis

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Being in love requires two individuals to know each other very well and to have a deep connection. In the play, Romeo and Juliet, two characters feel lust and mistake it for love. I believe that Romeo was attracted to Juliet's appearance but didn't truly love her because he did not know her well enough and had not even got to spend enough time with her. In addition, Romeo proved that his love is false when he immediately goes from one girl, to Juliet. Besides rebounding, the couple shows that they are far too young and foolish for their “love” to be real. Other immature decisions made by the couple include; death, running away from home and getting married at such a young age. “A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life” (I.P.6) is how Romeo and Juliet, teenagers who were “in love,” are introduced in the play and you can already tell things were taken way too far. This proves that teen love is just an immature and can often be based off looks. You can easily see that Romeo and Juliet were not truly in …show more content…

When Romeo goes to a party he meets Juliet at he is still trying to get over a girl that he was so “in love with” and had been crying about. But, the instant he saw Juliet he “fell in love” and was over his past girl, Rosaline, like she had never existed. This comes to show that it was an act of desperation and rebounding. Right after Romeo sees Juliet he goes up to her and jumps right to it and ends up kissing her. Considering this, you can assume that the foolish teens were basing everything off of looks. They hadn’t even got to know each other well enough to know their families were enemies. True loves needs to form by getting to know each other very well and building a connection and these teens never got to know each other before taking things to a relationship. Besides the immaturity, the love proves to be false by the pace of the

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