Romeo And Juliet Play Vs Movie

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Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare 's most famous plays. It is about two teenagers who fall madly in love with each other, but aren 't suppose to be together due to their families past. But aside their families disliking of each other the two young teens decide to disobey their parents and marry each other. Not because they want to disobey their parents, but there love is so strong, and so powerful they have to be together. This Romantic love story ends in a deeply depressing suicide as Juliet had faked sleep to not marry Paris, the older man her father has chosen her to marry. As Romeo believes he 's one true love has died, he assumes he cannot live without Juliet and decides to kill himself. As Juliet is awakened from her sleep she discovers Romeo is dead and kills herself as well. As the story of the two star crossed…show more content…
The second movie was filmed in California. It was the only movie we watched that actually used guns instead of swords. I believe the director of this movie also chose to use guns instead of swords to give his audience, or the people who saw the movie a clearer understanding of what they might have used in 1996. In the Second movie Juliet 's home had elevators which gave us an easier example of what it would have been like to be rich or be born into a wealthy family. The second movie also instead of having a king that ruled over both Montagues and Capulets, they had policemen that controlled the people. The second movie never gave a clear image of why Romeo and Juliet was separated. In the Play you could clearly see why Romeo and Juliet was separated. In this movie I saw no difference between the two characters and I had no understanding whether they were separated by religion, color, or anything that would give the audience or me knowledge for the reason they couldn 't be together. While of course you would already know that Romeo and Juliet were born into different families that didn 't like each other, in this movie you
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