Romeo And Juliet Point Of View Analysis

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In the play Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare he communicates that virtue and vice relies on your point of view. People depend on what they see and feel, when people do something or play something depending on who you are, and how it affects you, makes your point of view different. Perhaps you just won the N.B.A championships, you and your team are ecstatic but the other team may be heartbroken. In the play, Romeo kills himself because he thinks Juliet, his wife, is dead. The reader knows Juliet is not actually dead but just drank a potion to portray she is dead. Romeo’s view of the situation is a good intention. He kills himself thinking that he will be joining Juliet in her death. Another point of view is Juliet’s, she kills herself when she finds out he is dead because she sees his action as a good intention so she joins him. A third and final perspective is Friar Lawrence’s. Friar Lawrence sees Romeo’s decision to kill himself as a bad intention because the Friar wanted to unite the two houses and thought he needed the two lovers alive. Shakespeare displays that good and evil depends on your frame of reference, when Romeo killed himself he viewed this as a good intention, Juliet saw his objective as a good one, Friar Lawrence saw Romeo’s purpose as a bad one.
When Romeo kills himself it was a good or
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Juliet’s point of view is important because she was married to Romeo. She saw his action as a good one and stayed with him so she could kill herself: “Go get thee hence, for I will not away”(5:3:160). Juliet then kills herself, following Romeo’s lead, so she can stay with him for eternity. Juliet saw his action as a thoughtful one and was good because he did it for her. Although Juliet might seem to feel wronged she is actually quite ecstatic that he did this. Juliet has a view that thinks Romeo’s action was a good one. All in all Shakespeare conveys that intentions are determined by a person's Point of
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