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Ronald Dominique Ronald Dominique is an American serial killer from Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana. Dominique was born on January 9th, 1964. Following his arrest on December 1, 2006, Dominique confessed to the rape and murder of at least 23 men over a ten-year period beginning in 1997, in Terrebonne Parish, Lafourche Parish, Iberville Parish and Jefferson Parish in suburban New Orleans. He has been charged with eight cases of rape and first-degree murder. Dominique is suspected of killing 23 men. Dominique, who is gay, targeted gay bars and vulnerable men who he thought would be willing to have sex for money. Dominique lived about 95km from New Orleans in Bayou Blue and was arrested in December 2006.At the time, authorities said he confessed to raping about two dozen young men, then strangling or suffocating them, AP reports. He has so far only been …show more content…

“The nature of what he did, and how he left my brother’s body in a cane field for rodents to eat at him,” said Cynthia Barabin, sister of victim Chris Deville.
“When we found him he was nothing. Nothing … We had to bury bones.”
Dominique 's lawyer Richard Goorley said it was whether his client would ever stand trial in any of those cases.
“Hopefully, they will realise that when someone gets sentenced to eight consecutive life sentences, there 's no chance of them ever getting out and any further pursuit of any other charges will be a complete waste of taxpayers ' money,” Mr Goorley said.
Ronald J. Dominique of Houma, LA has confessed to murdering 23 men over the past nine years and dumping their bodies in sugarcane fields, ditches and small bayous in six southeast Louisiana parishes. His reason for killing? He did not want to return to jail after raping the men.
In 1997, authorities found 19-year-old David Levron Mitchell 's murdered body near Hahnville. The body of 20-year-old Gary Pierre was found in St. Charles Parish six months later. In July 1998, the body of 38-year-old Larry Ranson was found in St. Charles

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