Rosa Parks Arrest Research Paper

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The Story Behind Rosa Parks’ Arrest Rosa Parks was a highly respected woman from Montgomery Alabama who was involved her community. After her arrest on a public bus on December 1st 1955, all public transportation was boycotted by African American citizens. The bus boycott sparked the Civil Rights Movement which aimed to end racial inequality. Due to the unjust arrest of Rosa Parks, the Civil Rights Movement began. Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913. Rosa Parks’ childhood revolved around a small church where she developed both a strong faith for gad and pride for her racial heritage (Hare). She later spoke proudly of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and how it had been a strong force for black equality. After leaving high school, Rosa Parks returned to complete her …show more content…

In school, she learned “to believe we could do what we wanted in life” (Parks). Also while in school, Parks learned that not all white people were bigots and were for segregation of black people. Rosa Parks was a highly respected black woman in Montgomery Alabama (Berdhoff). Parks was involved in her community by being active in the NAACP. She was also the Secretary of E.D. Nixon, the president of the Montgomery chapter. After becoming the rallying point of the Civil Rights Movement, Rosa Parks was unable to find work in Montgomery and she spent most of her life away from the city she put on the map. (McWhorter). After suffering from removal from the action, Parks accepted a job in Virginia's Hampton Institute. She moved further north to Detroit where she ended up sewing for Representative John Conyers. Parks would often joke that more people came to Conyers to meet Parks than himself. (Hare).

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