Rudyard Kipling's Play: The Themes Of Rikka-Tikki-Tavi

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Would you do anything to protect the ones you love? That’s what Rikki-tikki did, he protected his family along with all the animals in the garden. Rikki-tikki saved them snakes even though snakes are a mongooses worst enemy. He killed all three snakes and risked his life just to save his family and the animals in the garden. The theme of the fictional story Rikki-tikki-tavi by Rudyard Kipling is don’t be afraid to protect the ones you love. Rikki tikki is a loving character in this story. For example, Rikki-tikki had sprung, jumped on the snake’s back, dropped his head far between his forelegs, bitten as high up the back as he could get hold.That bite paralyzed Karait. ( para 34)This shows that, he is very loving because
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As proof, So long as the bungalow is empty, we are king and queen of the garden; and remember that as soon as our eggs in the melon bed hatch (as they may tomorrow), our children will need room and quiet.”(para 51)This proves, that Nagaina is devious because she was willing to do anything to put her children at ease. This is different from Rikki-tikki’s character trait because Nagaina she did everything for herself, while Rikki-tikki helped others. More importantly, He jumped up in the air as high as he could go, and just under him whizzed by the head of Nagaina, Nag’s wicked wife. She had crept up behind him as he was talking, to make an end of him; and he heard her savage hiss as the stroke missed. (para 29) This conveys, that Nagaina is devious because she wanted to get rid of Rikki-tikki because he threatened Nag, her husband, so she tried to get him from behind.This proves, that Nagaina is devious because she would do anything for her happiness no matter what she did. In conclusion, one character trait of Nagaina is that she is devious, this supports my theme because even though she was devious she did it for the ones she…show more content…
For example, “Well,” said Rikki-tikki, “marks or no marks, do you think it is right for you to eat fledglings out of a nest?”(para 25) This shows that, Rikki-tikki is truly acting human because he is standing up for others. This proves the theme, don’t be afraid to protect the ones you love because Rikki-tikki cared for Darzee and his family so he stood up for them. Secondly, “If I don’t break his back at the first jump,” said Rikki, “he can still fight; and if he fights—O Rikki!” (para 56) Therefore, this is personification because Rikki-tikki was planning everything out, like humans do. This shows that, Rikki-tikki loves Teddy and his family so he had to plan everything right or Nag would kill them all, he couldn’t let that happen. In conclusion, the use of personification in this story helps demonstrate the theme, don’t be afraid to protect the ones you
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