Farah Ahmedi Analysis

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It’s important to know what drives people to take risks, but people do crazy, often dangerous, things when they undertake a mission. For example, Farah Ahmedi climbed a mountain on a prosthetic leg to reach to reach freedom. Rikki-Tikki Tavi wanted to protect Teddy, Teddy’s family, and the animals from the back yard. Aengus wanted to find his true love in the wild. These characters had different reasons for doing what they did. Aengus wanted to find love, while Ahmedi and Rikki-Tikki were trying to survive in desperate; however, all three shared an ability to endure to accomplish their goals.

Farah Ahmedi

Farah Ahmedi and her mother were on their own when they were living in a war infested city. She was hoping to escape to Pakistan. The border has closed to refugees, but Ahmedi was determined so she learned that the secret to get across the border. Since they didn’t have any money they were stranded in the desert. The situation was desperate. Luckily she met a family that helped her and her mom get through the border. Even though Ahmedi had a prosthetic leg according to her she “hardly felt the exertion.” It gave her “energy and helped her “forget the rigor of the climb.” The lesson that she learned that is that even in the worse situations there is
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Rikki-Tikki Tavi found himself in a good place with a human family, but in the garden there were two snakes. Rikki- Tikki made his goal to get rid of nag and his wife. Rikki- Tikki killed Nag first, then Nag’s wife. When Rikki-Tikki went to save Teddy, he crushed all of Nagaina’s eggs except for one. Rikki-Tikki was so determined to accomplish his goal that he would die to do it. He went against his animal instincts that he jumped in the snake hole with Nagaina just to kill her. At the end Rikki-Tikki learned to never give up on his dreams until you accomplish
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