Rush Limbaugh's The Environmental Mindset

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Environment Change: A Rhetorical Analysis on Rush Limbaugh’s “The Environmental Mindset”.
In Rush Limbaugh’s “The environmental mindset”, Limbaugh introduces us to a very conservative view on environment change and how we have little to no effect on our climate(Limbaugh). In Rush’s article, he writes in a way to persuade people such as right wing conservatives, upper-middle class caucasian males, and politicians that can reinforce his notions. He solely relies on logos throughout the article, using no other credible sources other than himself with ethos and scarcely appealing to emotions in pathos. With the use of logic, word choice, and light humor, Limbaugh constructs an article that oversees the troubling problem of climate change.
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In the article, Limbaugh characterizes environmentalist into two groups, socialist and “enviro-religious fanatics”. The socialist thinking environmentalist favor an intrusive government and central planning. Whereas, the enviro-religious fanatics are willing to sacrifice wealth and live in poverty like third world countries. Limbaugh acknowledges the understanding on average americans and the want of a clean planet, it is easy to understand that someone does not want to destroy where you live. Later in the article, he even agrees that the environmental hazards that really worry environmentalist are that are caused by businesses and man-made things. Limbaugh exclaims that private property rights will not be curbed in this country for the efforts of preserving wetlands to save species like the spotted owls. He does try to leave the article on a much lighter note at the end, ensure the readers that the earth, which is capable of rejuvenation, will fix itself.
One of the most obvious lacking rhetoric in the passage is that Rush Limbaugh uses no other credible source other than himself. By doing this it makes his side of the argument less effective because, “where is he getting this information”? Is Limbaugh so informed on this topic that citing himself is credible enough? He say things that relatively most of us

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