Summary Of In Hurricane Harvey's Wake We Need A New Deal

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In the article, “In Hurricane Harvey’s Wake, We Need a Green ‘New Deal’”, the author Rebecca Elliot intrigues her audience by informing them about a horrific hurricane that struck the area of Houston, Texas. During her informative action, Elliot begins to share her personal opinion about the need for a ‘New Deal.’ To further this argument, she utilizes the three major appeals to her article. This strategy not only informs the reader on many facts and opinions, but allows her audience to conjure up an image on their mind of the event and urges them to take immediate action. Throughout the article, the author continues to address the matter at hand and enlighten the readers with her argument towards creating a New Deal by implementing a variety of rhetorical strategies. Elliot effectively employs the use of the three major appeals in order to persuade her audience that the creation of a New Deal will bring the society together as a whole and truly show what we as Americans value. …show more content…

For example, the author states “As the legal scholar Michele Dauber has shown, President Franklin D. Roosevelt understood the relationship between ruined landscapes and ruined lives” (Elliot). By implementing this sentence into her writing, Elliot not only applies accreditation but also improves upon her diction as well. This impacts the reader because it allows him or her to experience another person’s point of view, rather than just the authors. Also, this sentence is a comparison to the one above which states, “In short, many Texans will be starting over economically” (Elliot). By linking the sentence where the author establishes her creditability to the one above, it gives the audience a better understanding on the topic of starting over as a

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