Safe Injection Sites Essay

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Opioids have become an increasing problem in the United States throughout the recent years. According to the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in September there were more adults using prescription pain killers than cigarettes and cigars combined (Katel). Massachusetts also attributed opioids to 1,379 deaths in the past year (Katel). An issue this vast and deadly requires an unorthodox method in attempt to restrain it. Though seemingly contrary to the task at hand, safe injection sites could possibly be the method that saves thousands of American lives.
As Gary Mendell states in the CQ Researcher, addiction requires an “all hands on deck” approach (Mendell). There is no instantaneous solution to eradicate addiction. Safe injection sites, however, could begin the change needed to eventually wipe out the opioid epidemic entirely. An advantage to these locations would be the doctors on hand that would help keep the users safe. These doctors could safely administer safe injections to the addicted and be ready in case of an overdose. This would not only provide safety for them in their addiction but also expose them to possible help and …show more content…

It is possible that many opioid or other drug users could take advantage of the programs as way to get their high and stay alive at the same time. It is also not insured that users would want to go to these safe injection sites. As Dr. Brian Johnson states in his argument in the CQ Researcher, “The customers still are more likely to use the drug dealer’s bathroom than to delay gratification until they can bring the illicit opioids to the safe injection site” (Johnson). It is believed the addicts are likely not willing to hold off their high to ensure safety. On the contrary, it will be seemingly easier and cheaper for the addicted to get drugs from the clinics and once the word is out, it could bring in a multitude of people and, in turn, save their

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