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Name of Activity Position(s) Held and Honors/Awards Won Grades of Participation Statement of Impact

Student Council

Positions: Recording Secretary; Honors/Awards: Participation Award 9 10 11 12
SOI: As a member of Student Council, and the recording secretary, I take attendance and notes, record events, plan meetings, and share notes with the entire council. I am the go-to person; I cover the slack when other officers do not complete their duties. I come in every day for a period and work on student council matters. I stay after school for hours copying papers to be sent to the entire district. Band (Concert, Honors, Marching, Flute Quartet, Jazz)

Positions: President, Quartermaster, Loadmaster; Honors/Awards: Honors Band & Varsity Letter 9 10 11 12 …show more content…

As president, I serve as the leader of the group and set an outstanding example for the younger students. I make executive decisions regarding music, uniforms, etc. As quartermaster, I have organized and labeled uniforms, kept uniform maintenance a priority, and assigned uniforms. As loadmaster, I have loaded, unloaded, and organized the trailer for football games.

Orange and Black High School Newspaper

Positions: Editor, Media Manager, and Writer; Honors/Awards: Involvement Award 9 10 11 12
SOI: As the editor, I proofread and edit all submitted works and help recruit members. Regarding managing media, I post and upload materials to our website, Twitter, and Facebook. Additionally, I write articles since our team is pretty small, and I am currently writing about my school's Mini-THON to raise money for cancer. This year, I have been trying to bring everything together while recruiting new members as we have transitioned to an online newspaper.

Class Officer

Positions: Secretary, Treasurer 9 10 11

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