Samurai Kids Book Report

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Samurai Kids
Samurai kids by Sandy Fussell is set in feudal Japan. A young teenager called Niya who was born with one leg, dreams of being a Samurai. Throughout the book his experiences allow the personal growth that makes his dream possible. Niya was rejected by his father’s old Ryu because of his one leg. Later he found Cockroach Ryu and friends who helped him achieve his dream.

Because Niya was born with one leg he realizes he has to find a sensei to help to achieve his dream of being a samurai. For many years he dreamed of being a samurai p.10 “Aye-ee-yah! I scissor kick as high as I can and land on my right foot, I haven’t got *”. He found the reality of becoming a samurai much more difficult then he anticipated, because he had one leg he had to put more effort and time into his training, things didn’t always go smoothly p.13 “I punch the air with my foot and land on the other one I haven’t got: sprawled out on the grass (continue)” although he found it very hard he
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Because his efforts allow him to maintain his place in the cockroach Ryu he grows in confidence, strength and determination. The fact that he couldn’t get into dragon Ryu because of his disability no longer worries him. He has grown in maturity so he is past caring. P.12 “even my father’s old school dragon Ryu would not take me”. His sensei realized Niya’s potential so he says p.30 “I will help you because not creature is so great it stands alone. Even a proud dragon must bend before a Cockroach”. The sensei helps boost Niya’s confidence, he realizes he is good enough to be a samurai but he has to have the courage to remember what he has been taught and make the decision not to give up p.168 “there comes a time when every life hangs by a thread”. Niya learns that everyone is equal and he has develops wisdom because his friends and sensei who realize he is just as good as anyone
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