Sandra Steffen's 'Come Summer'

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Sandra Steffen the ‘Come Summer’ author gets the mind and the heart of the readers. Brings the up and downs, failures, temptation and as well as love. She brings the twist and responsibility of having an identical twin. Laurel’s family carries a big responsibility because of her brain tumor but the thing is that, her own love which is Jack and her child Tommy doesn’t even know a thing about what is happening to her and why did she left without saying a thing. Liza, Laurel’s twin is the one who is given a one last favor by Laurel. Laurel wants Liza to meet Jack, tell him everything she knows and give him a kiss for her. But one thing that Liza never imagined was about Laurel’s child. She doesn’t have any idea that Laurel gave birth, asking herself the when and how’s. Jack was a town sheriff in Alcott and also a father to Tommy. He’s life wasn’t bad because he got a comfortable house to lived, a good job, a family who we’re good with Tommy, a car, a loyal god and especially he had a son, but he wanted more, he wanted Laurel. He felt angry, frustrate, upset and lonely because of the thought that that they haven’t heard anything about Laurel for five years. Tommy, Laurel and Tommy’s child was a strong child. He was also ill like his mother and has Leukemia. Eve was with Tommy and Jack when Laurel was not with them for years. She was Jack’s best friend and she loves him more than anyone else. She’d save her virginity, wore dresses she didn’t like, go to bar’s even though she is not familiar into it because she…show more content…
Somehow I can imagined how life would turn out, the challenges they’ve taken especially the condition of Tommy, Laurel’s suffering, Jack’s and as well as Liza who takes too much too. This book reveals the true side of the characters and how they felt really. Sandra Steffen is a one of a kind author that can bring the people into different pace of the story and I can recommend this
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