Dead Girls Don T Write Letters By Gail Giles

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1.) The story Dead Girls Don’t Write Letters by Gail Giles makes you appreciate your family relationships through the mysterious plot line of the story. Jazz is popular and idolized by her parents and members in the community. She was homecoming queen and her mother describes her presence as, “Jazz has a touch, you know. Everything she did was, I don’t know…special.” “There wasn’t anything Jazz couldn’t do” (Giles 8). Jazz had a dark side to her perfect self as well. She didn’t treat Sunny like you would expect sisters to treat each other. Sunny was always the one who got the blame because Jazz saw to that through her manipulation. Jazz once deceived her dad by stealing money from his wallet, then confessing to him that she stole it to cover up for Sunny. Sunny tried saying …show more content…

In that four month span her family fell apart. Her father who was a well-known journalist, became an alcoholic and moved out. Her mother had a nervous breakdown leaving Sunny to take care of herself, her mom, and the house. The news of her return caused a great deal of emotions within the family. Initially the conflict appeared to be external as all the family members were involved. It was later revealed that Sunny had her own internal conflicts caused by her relationships with her parents and her deceased sister Jazz. Sunny kept all her emotions in and ended up believing someone was pretending to be her dead sister. Her internal conflict was resolved when Sunny called her grandmother for help. “Granny and I talked, the therapist and I talked, mom and dad talked to the therapist,” (Giles 133). After going through therapy, Sunny realizes in order to move on from her sister’s death and the issue with her parents she needs a fresh start. She needed to move away from her parents and away from her town so she can build her own

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