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At first glance Sara Smolinsky looks like any poor Jewish girl. She is small and skinny but she has a powerful mind and voice that surprises others. When she speaks her true personality shines through. As she grows from 10-17 her priorities change and how she handles things changes. Sara is very strong willed when it comes to her own thoughts which is why her nickname is Blut-und-Eisen. Even her own mother says “when she begins to want a thing there is no rest, n let-off till she gets it” (20) . She sees her sister get married to men they don't love and she realizes that she will not live her life that way. As each sister gets married she becomes more opinionated. As she experiences more heartache she becomes louder. As she grows up she becomes…show more content…
She has to grow stronger and learn how to live alone. As she has more time to learn Sara finds out more about herself when she leaves. When Sara attends night classes she is teased by the other students because she wants to know more than they do. She is always so excited. Whenever she raises her hand all of the other kids say “Oh Lord! That bug! Again showing off her smartness ”(180) Alone Sara grows more and more passionate than when she was with her family. She experiences things in a new light. She appreciates things unlike her fellow students. When she goes to college she is more excited about this than anything ever in her whole life. It's like she is floating in a bubble when she goes to college but that bubble is immediately popped when she meets the the students. They are off-putting look down at her. Sara goes through up and downs on college with the students teasing her and not being able to fit in at all among the rich students. But then she wins an award for going through all of these up and downs and she goes back into that bubble of happiness. Sara realizes that she is okay being alone and happy rather than with someone and hating her life. Unlike her sister Sara realizes just how wrong her father and the old world are. Although Sara loves being independent she also wants to find love of her

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