Sara Warren Research Paper

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The Candidate
Sara Warren is a 42-year-old Republican candidate from Austin, Texas. Sara loves Texas and all it stands for. She was born and raised in Houston Texas in a family with strong religious ties. Sara is always volunteering at her Baptist church and that is where you will find her every Sunday morning. Her mother and father set a great example for young Sara growing up. Teaching her what a marriage should look like and how important it is to be truthful while standing up for what you believe in. Upon graduation from High school Sara decided she wanted to make a difference in this great nation. With her great success in high school and strong will Sara was accepted into Stanford Law school where she graduated with her Law degree. Upon …show more content…

She knows what is important to the people of Texas. She will use her strong view of traditional values and family to propel her into a win this political season. She knows how important things like a traditional marriage, prayer’s in school, and fighting against the expansion of funds towards abortion are to the people of Texas. Texas votes Republican now days; this notion is no secret. Sara knows this and also knows that many Republicans have strong views on traditional values. She also knows that they fight for the unborn in all realms. Such as funding and legislature to limit the abilities of entities such as planned parenthood. She also hears and sympathizes with parents concerns on the transition of bathrooms/locker rooms to being transgender. These and much more Sara Warren is willing and able to fight for; to ensure the people of Texas voices are heard. Also, due to her decades at a top law firm Sara has made a reputation of being a “straight shooter”. This level of trust is important and will be a focus of our campaign. Sara will use television ads, social media platforms, and traditional fliers/mailers/signs to boost awareness for her campaign. Although, we believe her reputation in the political realm will speak wonders for …show more content…

We believe these areas are the Panhandle, North Texas Metroplex, and West Texas. These three areas have consistently voted Republican in the past and with Sara’s campaign messages we believe they will vote in our favor. We will express our desire to fight for the rights of schools regarding transgender association. Which we believe is a hot topic for many people in these areas. We will purpose legislature that will keep publically funded schools from allowing transgender children to enter the opposite sex’s bathroom/locker rooms. We will purpose schools add private changing rooms to their current locker rooms as a start amending this problem. We will also use our views on keeping God in school as a way to appeal to this populace of people. We will use the recent school shootings as a backing to our claim. Noting that the recent rise in shootings has occurred since we have removed God from our schools. Our stance on these issues will likely lead to a large Republican backing. However, we do not see as many Democrats supporting these ideals. Since Democrats typically vote for candidates that provide more public aid; which is not what we are campaigning for. The economic groups we believe we will appeal to most are the wealthy and middle-class families. Our messages on protecting the lives of the unborn, the innocence of our children, and the rights of schools

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