Who Is Mercy Otis Warren An Anti Federalist

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Mercy Otis Warren was a female writer who had an influence on certain issues during the later half of the Eighteenth Century. From the era of the Revolution to the formation of the Constitution, Warren spread her political viewpoints and beliefs through the writing of plays, booklets, etc. Her political involvement can be credited to the familial influence of her father and brother. If not for this, Warren would not have, in the end, gained the respect of several Revolutionary figures, including Samuel Adams and George Washington (Kort). As her written works began to grow in popularity, Mercy Otis Warren was able to spread her anti-federalist ideas.
In the 1770's, before the controversy between the federalists and antifederalists, people began to discuss the idea of independence from Britain, and this was no different for Mercy Otis Warren. She was one who pushed for independence. Warren believed that the British should not overly force their sovereignty and violate the freedom of the colonists. She was opposed to the tenacity of which the royal governor of Massachusetts, Thomas Hutchinson, used to carry out the king's orders. To show her disapproval, she wrote the play "The Adulateur", which showed the strain between Britain and the Colonies …show more content…

As an Anti Federalist, Warren was opposed to the idea of the new Constitution. She believed that the United States was moving towards consolidated government rather than state sovereignty. She felt that the federal government should not have complete control (Wolverton). This would be hypocritical towards one of the original ambitions of the Revolution, separating from a government that was too powerful over them. She believed that Federalists, such as John Adams, had not only lost their Revolutionary principles, but they have also begun to renounce republicanism

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