John Adams Major Accomplishments

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John Adams was such a crucial asset to what American history is today. Weather he was acting as a loyar, critic, or leader he has impacted America in some of the greatest ways possible. He was there for our country with bravery and strength as he stood by the rights of the people always putting them first. Aside from being a delegate of the Constitutional Convention John Adams served as a diplomat in Europe, contributed in the negotiation of the Treaty of Paris, and was America’s first vice president and second president. His ableness to conquer all of these achievements didn’t just come out of thin air it started with his early life. On October 30, 1735 John and Susanna Boylston Adams gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who they named after John. He was born in Braintree Massachusetts and was the oldest of his two brothers. John's father was a simple man as he worked as a farmer and shoemaker, however, he also worked as a Congregationalist deacon and even an official in the local government. This is where John's interest in politics originally began. As Adams grew up he graduated from Harvard College in 1755 and taught school for several years. John learned how the law worked with an attorney in Worcester, Massachusetts which is how his law career started in 1758. Six years later he …show more content…

She was well-read and was very intellectually gifted often working with Adams while he was away especially during the 1760s. At this time Adams challenged Great Britain’s authority in colonial America with the colonists’ best interests in mind. He was a critic of both The Stamp Act in 1765 and The Townshend Act 1767. Though Adams didn’t agree with the British taxation laws he still represented the British soldiers accused of murder during the Boston Massacre in March of 1770. This was purely due to the fact that he wanted to ensure that the soldiers charged received a fair

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