Satire On Abortion

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Abortion the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy,most often performed the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. That’s how old a baby gets to live without even able to see the whole world. That child only has 28 weeks and it 's gone forever. We kill that baby just so that we can be happy or relieve that we don’t need to worry about that child anymore. No one will ever get to know what that child would’ve turned out to be. Someone influential, or even an athlete, probably a prodigy. Most of the women that get abortion are young women or just girls that don’t know how to be responsible to take care of a child. Also women that don’t really think about other options and just want to get rid of the baby as soon as possible. Some woman are proud that they made the decision of abortion. Even a few men blame it on themselves for not doing anything for the baby or the women. …show more content…

Many women also get hurt while abortion. Women Injured by Abortion suffered grievous psychological injuries, but many suffered severe physical complications as well. All were exposed to the risk of serious physical injury, as well as serious psychological injuries. Were not just killing that baby us as women are risking our lives. There 's people that don’t care if they hurt you when they 're doing your abortion if they think they are doing a great job they are ok with it. I honestly believe we need to stop abortion as soon as possible. If killing someone gets you to jail, why can’t it be the same for baby. We need to stand up and do something about abortion. We don’t only have one choice we have other choices. We can always find someone to talk to if we are thinking about executing the baby. There 's always someone out there that life looking for help, and someone that is willing to help. We can save someone lives anyways, no matter who it is or if we don’t know them. We all have felt that will show that we care no matter what. We should live life with no regrets, and enjoy our lives with

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