Savagery In 'Lord Of The Flies' By William Golding

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Mouhcine Kadhi
Mr. Trinter
English III
From Civilized to Savaged
The boys in the ‘Lord of the Flies’ novel change civilization to savagery. As time passes, the buys start disobeying the rules they made in the beginning till they stopped following all of them. This shift reveals Golding’s belief that without adult society, children will lead to savagery. Early in the book, the boys decided who would be the leader that would guide them and tell them what to do. They were arguing about who should be chief until Roger spoke up, “Let’s have a vote.” then Ralph asked, “Who wants me?” then they all agreed and, “Every hand outside the choir except Piggy’s was raised immediately. Then Piggy, too, raised his hand grudgingly into the air.”(Golding …show more content…

Not just because they needed meat, but also because they wanted to see more of that blood, it made them want more. They were becoming savages. When Jack was describing the hunt he said, “You should have seen the blood!”(Golding 59) He was just happy to see that blood which basically really meant victory to him. He later wiped that blood from his knife on his forehead as he said, “We needed meat.”(Golding 60) Which wasn’t really the only reason they left the fire alone and went hunting, it was mainly because they wanted to prove themselves that they can catch a pig and that’s why they came back with all that blood. That blood made them want more. That’s all they were satisfied to see when they killed the pig, they started to act like savages. Towards the end of the novel, the boys started wanting to hurt each other like savages, they keep forgetting that it’s just a game. It was that game they play when they all get in a circle and someone has to act the pig, “Roger became the pig, grunting and charging at Jack, who sidestepped. The hunters took their spears, the cooks too spits, and the rest clubs of firewood. A circling movement developed and a chant.”(Golding 135) They get really pulled in the game that they forget that it’s just a game and that they’re not supposed to hurt each

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